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Words By:
Dr. Fred Simeone

Why The American Sports Car?

This series intends to bring to light the interesting sports cars, like the Disbrow, that American manufacturers proposed in their sales literature, in a failing attempt to interest American buyers. Nevertheless, these stillborn vehicles were of interesting design and their memory should be revived. Fortunately, our library has an extensive collection of sales literature which, besides illustrating the cars and their features, hawk a sporting motoring experience.

The Disbrow sports car

The very limited production Disbrow sports car, though quite handsome, is less interesting than its driver Louis Disbrow who is alleged to have raced over 300,000 miles. He participated in the first 4 Indianapolis 500 races, finishing 8th is best. He seemed to be on every track, particularly in the Midwest, racking up miles and breaking bones. Even more interesting is the fact that he was accused of scion of a wealthy family, he died penniless in 1939. The picture below shows beautiful sports car he produced or intended to produce. None survive.