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Colt 6 Cyl adjust 2
Words By:
Dr. Fred Simeone

Why The American Sports Car?

This series intends to bring to light the interesting sports cars, like Colt, that American manufacturers proposed in their sales literature, in a failing attempt to interest American buyers. Nevertheless, these stillborn vehicles were of interesting design and their memory should be revived. Fortunately, our library has an extensive collection of sales literature which, besides illustrating the cars and their features, hawk a sporting motoring experience.


Although it lasted for only one year, Colt of Yonkers, New York, designed their automobiles specifically to be powerful sports cars. Their objective was clear, as evident in their design features, including a 40 HP, six-cylinder engine, and packed in a 1800m pound car.

Figure 1 (Caption) the huge six-cylinder engine of 40 hp in an 1800 pound car.

 The intentions of the company are clearly outlined in the quote from the sales brochure below.

Colt Text adjust

It is difficult to find a clear picture of this car, but the fanciful illustration from the sales brochure gives one the idea of the manufacturer’s intention. Sadly, there appeared to be no interest despite a forceful sales pitch from the manufacturer as to how his methods produce a higher quality car for a lower cost to the consumer.

An artist’s rendition of the Colt

Colt 6 Cyl adjust 1