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Italian Racing Red Demo Day

Museum Event
Italian Racing Red Demo Day
September 24, 2011
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Museum Staff

An excellent crowd – especially considering the threat of rain – turned out for our September 24th Rosso Corsa Demo Day. Because of the possibility that the cars would not be able to go outdoors, the selection on view in the center Museum area was expanded to five: the 1934 Alfa Romeo Monza, 1954 Ferrari 375 MM, 1956 Maserati 300S, 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa’ and the 1963 Ferrari 250 LM which is on loan from Mr. Luigi Chinetti, Jr. Dr. Simeone began with a summary lecture on the history and development of the Italian racing sports car, emphasizing the role Enzo Ferrari played in both the company bearing his name and the racing efforts of Alfa in the 1930s. Then, with the rain holding off, the Monza, Maserati and Testa Rossa were rolled outside for demonstration runs on the back lot with Kevin Kelley and Dr. Simeone driving.

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