Developing the American Sports Car Demo Day

Museum Event
2022 - Developing the American Sports Car Demo Day
MARCH 26, 2021
Photos by
Andrew Taylor

Throughout the early 1900’s, leading car manufacturers across Europe competed against one another to provide their customers with the fastest and most maneuverable vehicles. To a majority of the racing world, the Americans were absent.  Even to this day, many enthusiasts still refer to the Corvette as America’s first Sports Car.  However, despite being small in number, there were American manufacturers that sought glory through winning in the early days of the automobile. This Demo Day covered their story. 

Featured cars included, the 1909 American Underslung, 1911/13 Mercer Raceabout 35J, 1927 Stutz AA Black Hawk Challenger, 1928 Stutz AA Black Hawk Speedster, and the 1966 Corvette 427 Stingray.

Photos by Andrew Taylor

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