Americans at Le Mans

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Americans at Le Mans
May 28, 2011
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On Saturday, May 28th, the Demo Days went back nine decades to the 1920s and the last time America challenged the world’s best until after WWII. Two examples that raced at Le Mans were run: the Supercharged Stutz Le Mans that led for a significant portion of the 1929 race before retiring. Also in 1929, a duPont Le Mans Speedster retired while in eighth place, and our car is the only factory replica of that entry. Also run was a 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Speedster. A similar car finished second to a Bentley at Le Mans in 1928. Also on display was a very special car, the 1921 Duesenberg GP car, one of three that competed in the 1921 French GP. That race was won in a sister car to ours by Jimmy Murphy, and was the last time an American won an international race in an American car until the 1960s. Our guest of honor was Steve duPont who talked about the history of the duPont family and especially the car company, begun by his grandfather, E. Paul duPont. At the end of the Demo, Steve took his wife, Jamie and Dr. Simeone for a ride in the Le Mans Speedster, which had been owned by Steve’s father.

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