2022 Car Detective Year in Review

We want to thank everyone that took part in one of our Car Detective Photo Challenges throughout 2022. Over the past year we had 48 different challenges with winners from 9 states and 7 continents.

You, our incredible Car Detectives, solved 45 out of 48 challenges, and cracked 93.75% of the cases.

We want to congratulate Buzz Flood from Southampton, Pennsylvania and Wolfgang Hugentobler from Bern, Switzerland for being our Car Detectives of the Year for 2022.

Both Buzz and Wolfgang racked up an impressive 11 wins each, accounting for 22.91% of total wins individually and 45.83% of the total wins collectively!

Altogether there were 23 separate winners. However, only one other person had multiple wins throughout the year.

Tony Veysey from Carberry, MB, Canada – 3 wins

You can see a map of our winners locations, and more information about their wins below.

Challenge #Winning DateNameCityState/ProvinceCountry
112-Jan-2022Tony VeyseyCarberryManitobaCanada
219-Jan-2022Buzz FloodChurchvillePennsylvaniaUS
326-Jan-2022Eric M. WeberWestminsterMarylandUS
42-Feb-2022Buzz FloodChurchvillePennsylvaniaUS
59-Feb-2022Tony VeyseyCarberryManitobaCanada
616-Feb-2022Stephen de RielPrincetonNJUS
723-Feb-2022Sergey RozhdestvenskiyNewarkDEUS
82-Mar-2022Ed RichmondAllentownPAUS
99-Mar-2022Natalie HarringtonBostonMassachusettsUS
1016-Mar-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
1123-Mar-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
1230-Mar-2022NO WINNER---
136-Apr-2022John MaleLondon-England
1413-Apr-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
1520-Apr-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
1627-Apr-2022Tony VeyseyCarberryManitobaCanada
174-May-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
1811-May-2022Charlie BrigdenCaldicotMonmouthshireWales
1918-May-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
2025-May-2022NO WINNER---
211-Jun-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
228-Jun-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
2322-Jun-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
2429-Jun-2022Jeni Minguez MoggPoint PleasantPennsylvaniaUS
256-Jul-2022NO WINNER---
2613-Jul-2022Chris WaxmanPhiladelphiaPAUS
2720-Jul-2022Michael NorrisPhoenixArizonaUS
2827-Jul-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
293-Aug-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
3010-Aug-2022Richard LeVanManchesterPennsylvaniaUS
3117-Aug-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
3224-Aug-2022Andrew PliagasKnoxvilleTennesseeUS
3331-Aug-2022David Traver AdolphusSunderlandVermontUS
347-Sep-2022Susan HurstWilmingtonDEUS
3521-Sep-2022David NelsonPhiladelphiaPAUS
3628-Sep-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
375-Oct-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
3812-Oct-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
3919-Oct-2022Jacob WellBuffaloNew YorkUS
402-Nov-2022Robert VailPennsylvania-US
419-Nov-2022Phil AldermanPleasantvilleNYUS
4216-Nov-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
4323-Nov-2022Anton van LuijkLeiden-The Netherlands
4430-Nov-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
457-Dec-2022Colin JohnstonBelfast-Northern Ireland
4614-Dec-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
4721-Dec-2022Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
4828-Dec-2022Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland

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