2021 Car Detective Year in Review

We want to thank everyone that took part in one of our Car Detective Photo Challenges throughout 2021. Over the year we had 50 different challenges with winners from 10 states and 2 continents.

You, our incredible Car Detectives, solved 44 out of 50 challenges, and cracked 92% of the cases.

We want to congratulate Wolfgang Hugentobler from Bern, Switzerland for being our Car Detective of the Year for 2021.

Wolfgang racked up an impressive 7 wins overall, accounting for 16% of the total wins.

We want to also congratulate our other Car Detectives that accumulated multiple wins over the season.

Nico Liesse from Laakdal, Belgium – 4 wins

Ed Richmond from Allentown, PA – 4 wins

Richard LeVan from Manchester, PA – 3 wins

Kevin Scott from Downingtown, PA – 3 wins

Buzz Flood, Churchville, PA – 2 wins

You can see a map of our winners locations, and more information about their wins below.

Challenge #Winning DateNameCityState / ProvinceCountry
16-Jan-21Nico LiesseVeerle-Laakdal-Belgium
213-Jan-21Bob BurnettSlingerlandsNew YorkUS
320-Jan-21No Winner---
427-Jan-21Jeremy KranzelMechanicsburgPennsylvaniaUS
53-Feb-21Sean RosanderLaguna NiguelCaliforniaUS
610-Feb-21Kevin ScottDowningtownPennsylvaniaUS
717-Feb-21James SmithStretton-England
824-Feb-21Douglas MortonSebringFloridaUS
93-Mar-21Nico LiesseVeerle-Laakdal-Belgium
1010-Mar-21Phil NeffWest ChesterPennsylvaniaUS
1117-Mar-21Kevin ScottDowningtownPennsylvaniaUS
1224-Mar-21Ted WilmarthNew MarketMarylandUS
1331-Mar-21Ed RichmondAllentownPennsylvaniaUS
147-Apr-21Ed RichmondAllentownPennsylvaniaUS
1514-Apr-21Ed RichmondAllentownPennsylvaniaUS
1621-Apr-21Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
1728-Apr-21Kevin ScottDowningtownPennsylvaniaUS
185-May-21Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
1912-May-21Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
2019-May-21Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
2126-May-21No Winner---
229-Jun-21Brent S CastleSykesvilleMarylandUS
2316-Jun-21Nico LiesseVeerle Laakdal-Belgium
2423-Jun-21No Winner---
2530-Jun-21Richard LeVanManchesterPennsylvaniaUS
267-Jul-21Kevin SzymanskiWilmingtonDelawareUS
2714-Jul-21No Winner---
2821-Jul-21Suzanne LeapRunnemedeNew JerseyUS
2928-Jul-21Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
304-Aug-21No Winner---
3111-Aug-21Duncan McardleDowningtownPennsylvaniaUS
3218-Aug-21Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
3325-Aug-21Yann JulesViriat-France
341-Sep-21Wolfgang HugentoblerBern-Switzerland
358-Sep-21Richard LeVanManchesterPennsylvaniaUS
3615-Sep-21George BrinkerhSewellNew JerseyUS
3722-Sep-21Buzz FloodSouthamptonPennsylvaniaUS
3829-Sep-21Richard LeVanManchesterPennsylvaniaUS
396-Oct-21Brad JacobsonPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaUS
4013-Oct-21Juan José SánchezBoadilla del MonteMadridSpain
4120-Oct-21Natalie HarringtonBostonMassachusettsUS
4227-Oct-21Tony VeyseyCarberryManitobaCanada
433-Nov-21Buzz FloodChurchvillePennsylvaniaUS
4410-Nov-21Nico LiesseVeerle-Laakdal-Belgium
4517-Nov-21Ed RichmondAllentownPennsylvaniaUS
4624-Nov-21Michael ThoeleImperialMissouriUS
471-Dec-21Patrick EscandeAix en Provence-France
488-Dec-21No Winner---
4915-Dec-21Ron BalutFlandersNew JerseyUS
5022-Dec-21Bill LeboLake Forest ParkWashingtonUS

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