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The Road to Safer Driving

Sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation

As the old saying goes, “Safety Begins with teamwork.” The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is committed to making our roads as safe as possible, and to that end, we have teamed up with the National Road Safety Foundation to help promote their work of creating a safer driving experience for all. Today’s topic is distracted driving.

Distracted Driving

Did you know the number one cause of car accidents is not a criminal that drove drunk, ran a red light, or was speeding, but rather a distracted driver behind the wheel?

In reality distracted drivers are the #1 cause of car accidents in the U.S. today.

Consider the fact that the primary cause of all car accidents today is completely preventable and is something we are most-likely guilty of. So what is a distracted driver? Simply put, a distracted driver is a motorist that diverts his or her attention from the road, usually to talk on a cell phone, send a message, or eat food.

When you think about your actions in a car, other than just driving, you can see that they often involve multiple distractions.  For example, if you change the radio station in your car, not only do you take your hand off the steering wheel to press engage with the radio, but you also take your eyes off the road to look at what button you are going to press.  Studies show that drivers who most frequently engage in the elements of distracted driving are more likely to have an accident or be involved in a near-crash incident.

So what can you do?

It is easy to avoid the temptations that often lead to distracted driving and there are a few simple steps that you can do before you start your journey to mitigate this risk.

#1 – Prepare your vehicle for your journey. This involves making sure your mirrors, seatbelt, and radio are all set before you head off down the road.

#2 – Complete any calls or text messages before you get in the car. Once in the car, set your phone to do-not-disturb, if it has the option. If you absolutely need to speak using the phone, invest in a hands-free device or pull over in a safe spot to complete your call.

#3 – Eat before your trip, and if you must eat while driving, take a minute to pull over in a safe spot to finish and enjoy your meal.

Being a safe driver is being a good citizen. You can do your part to make sure the road is a safer place for you, your loved ones, and your community. If everyone followed these few simple rules while driving, tens of thousands of lives would be saved every year.

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