The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is proud to present the Foundations of Photography Study Series with Andrew Taylor. This is a 6-part educational series dedicated to photographing the automobile. This is an excellent learning experience for the novice or seasoned photographer and everyone in between. It’s also a great opportunity to learn from a fantastic automotive photographer who is closely familiar with each car in the collection and knows all of the best shots. Each session will feature a “Live Photo Shoot Area”, featuring a different exhibit from the Museum. We’ll lower the barricades so you can get up-close to the cars, and we’ll bring out the ladders so you can get unique shots.

During the Demo Day at noon, participants of the photography class will also be allowed to stand in a special roped off area to practice what they learned in the photography class during the Driving portion of the Demo Day.

The course is $125.00 or $25.00 per class. To order all classes select March 14th as the first date and purchase a ticket for all classes. Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum Members receive a $5.00 discount per class.

1) Foundations of Photography 101: Exposure

March 14th – Celebrity Cars Demo Day

Andrew Taylor will explore how to expand your artistic options by giving a deeper understanding of the cyclical relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. This course covers the basic exposure controls provided by all digital SLR cameras, as well as the most advanced point-and-shoot models. Learn how to master a camera’s metering modes, how to use exposure compensation and bracketing, and much more. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to develop an “exposure strategy” that will allow you to effectively employ your exposure knowledge in any shooting situation.

2) Foundations of Photography 102: Composition

April 11th – Road & Track Demo Day

Andrew Taylor will explore how Composition can make an interesting subject bland or make an ordinary subject appear beautiful. The discussion will explore the concepts of composition, from Compositional Tools like the Golden Ratio to more advanced topics such as the way the eye travels through a photo. The course addresses how the camera differs from the eye to help you see photographically, and introduces composition fundamentals, such as balance and point of view. The discussion also examines the importance of geometry, light, and color in composition, and looks at how composition can be improved with a variety of post-production techniques.

3) Foundations of Photography 103: Lenses and Filters

May 9th – Team Managers Demo Day

Andrew Taylor will explore the creative options provided by various kinds of lenses and lens accessories. Lens Aperture and Focal Length will be discussed in detail to provide a better understanding of which lens works best for various situations and why. The course will also include exploring specialty lenses, from ultra-wide-angle, Fisheye, Macro, and Tilt-Shift lenses to ultra-long telephoto lenses & Prime lenses that can add a new dimension to your image perspective. The discussion will also cover understanding Tilt-Shift Perspective and Depth of Field. You will learn how lenses are manufactured to better understand why there is such a price & quality difference between them. The discussion will also explore several common and inexpensive lens attachments, from polarizers to neutral density filters.

4) Foundations of Photography 104: White Balance, Color Temp, and Backlighting

July 11th – Mercedes 1955 Demo Day

Andrew Taylor will explore the art and science of white balance and color temperature. This course covers how to adjust your camera’s white-balance settings and what to do when the auto white balance goes wrong. The discussion will explore optional aids for white balance calibration, and scenarios where inaccurate color may well enhance, adding to the right stylistic choice. Backlighting will also be discussed as a way to expand your creative options in your photography. You will learn ways to make the most of shooting into the sun or a bright light source.

5) Foundations of Photography 105: Flash Fundamentals

Aug. 8th – Breaking the Racing Ban Demo Day

Flash is best used as a spice, too much or too little can be bad but used in the right amount and the right way, a flash can be very nice. Andrew Taylor will explore the concepts and techniques behind effective lighting with flash. The discussion starts with fundamentals that build on exposure principles taught in the previous installments of Foundations of Photography Exposure –simple techniques that improve the results from a camera’s built-in or Hot-Shoe Flash. The discussion will include the flash concepts of Fill & Bounce Flash techniques and on using flash as a key light. The course will also explore topics ranging from syncing flash, repeating flash, to shooting with one or more off-camera flash units and flash accessories.

6) Foundations of Photography 106: Capturing Speed

October 24th – Mille Miglia Demo Day

Andrew Taylor will explore the concepts and techniques behind capturing the sense of motion in photography. Capturing good action in photography is all about planning ahead. Action happens fast, so you have to be prepared ahead of time to capture it. The discussion will explore Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, and Focal Length. The discussion will also cover camera settings such as Burst Mode, Multi & Single Point Focusing, and Focus Point Positioning. The discussion also examines the importance of Positioning, Panning, Location, and Anticipation in an effort to help everyone capture Speed in photography.